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  1. Can I order online for more than 1 student? Yes after you order for the first student and have added the packages to the cart, select other access key in the upper right corner.
  2. How do I prepay for my school pictures? Go to and  select your school from the dropdown menu.
  3.  Is the personalization on all photos, or just the 8x10?  All of the photos in your package will have the personalization; except, wallets.​
  4. Can braces be removed with the retouching fee on order form?  No, basic retouching will remove blemishes, even skin tone, and brighten eyes & teeth.  Removing braces or other extensive retouching can be completed by contacting our office directly.  There will be an additional charge for advanced retouching services.
  5. Do I have to order pictures today?   No, you can mail the order form to our office, place the order over the phone with a credit card, or order online through the end of the school year.  Every child will receive a Child Safety Card from the school about four weeks after picture day that includes ordering and reordering instructions. Photos will also be online and available for ordering about four weeks after absentee day. There is an advantage to ordering now as you will receive your pictures in four weeks and not have to worry about having them before the holidays and to avoid additional shipping charges.
  6. Can I order online?  Yes, see #3. You will receive a service item from the school about four weeks after picture day.  This card will have a personalized shoot key for your student that is needed to view / order the images online.  They will remain online through the end of the school year.
  7. What are “minis’?   Minis are exchange wallets, they are 1 3/4 x 2 ½ inches.
  8. When will I receive our picture order?   Pictures arrive about four weeks after the picture day.
  9. Can I print pictures from the Digital Download I purchased?   Yes, the Digital Download comes with a copyright release form that is needed to print images. Also note, the Digital Download is valid for 90 days after it is sent out. If 90 days surpasses, you may call our office to discuss further steps on how to retrieve your Digital Download.
  10. Can I pay with one credit card for more than one (1) student or player online?   Yes, go to the to right and select the button ORDER FOR ANOTHER.
  11. Which background would go best with my kids clothing they are wearing today? (Related to school pictures only).   Neutral colored backgrounds such as blue, gray, and brown tend to compliment best. VIEW BACKGROUNDS HERE
  12. Do I have to pay today? Only if you are placing an order.  If you are not placing an order you can wait until you receive your child safety card.  See #4 & #5.  Any order received without payment will not be processed.
  13. Can I postdate a check or write a check and have you hold it until Friday when I get paid?   We do not recommend postdating checks because this is a manual process and it is possible that your check may slip through.  Please see #3 or #10 for further options. 
  14. Can I take my child's picture today even if they go to another school in the district because I will be unable to attend that registration?  Yes, however it must be clearly marked on the order form prior to student getting their picture taken and no ID Card will be available.  I recommend calling our office.
  15. I ordered online but forgot to print (or ran out of ink for) my receipt. Do I need to fill out another form?  No problem, our photographer(s) will put a QR code on one of our forms, and will put a note on it that you paid online.  We will have the info back in the office.  If possible, write the transaction number on your order form.
  16. Can I take both my kids in the same photo? Do I need an additional form or can I use the one from home?  Absolutely, we would be happy to take a group photo for you.  Simply fill out an additional form, place your order and we will bar code it appropriately.  Each child must also have an individual picture taken for school records and yearbook, and must have an order form.
  17. Can I just take the photo on retake day?  Certainly, however, you may not have an opportunity for a retake if you do not like your photo.  Also, we highly recommend getting your picture taken as early as possible if your school uses ID Cards.  Finally; if you miss retake day, your child will not be in any composites or yearbook. 
  18. When is retake day?  Approximately four weeks after the original day shoot.  Please note these are not pre-scheduled.  You may want to contact your school official for this information.
  19. Am I able to see the photo today? In many cases yes, simply ask the photographer.  This may not be possible if  there are long lines as it will hold everyone else up.